Solar PV & Battery Switchboards

Solar PV & Battery Switchboards

Also known as grid protection units (GPU), PV distribution boards (PVDB) and network protection units (NPU) these aggregate the embedded generation and protect the grid.

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) and battery switchboards are essential components of a solar energy system with battery storage. These switchboards play a crucial role in managing the flow of electricity between various components of the system, ensuring safety, and optimizing energy usage

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Why our Solar PV & Battery Switchboards?

AS/NZS 61439 Compliant
Our Solar PV & Battery Switchboards have been tested to be compliant with AS/NZS 61439. We have verified various designs at both PLUS ES in Lane Cove and TUV in Heidleberg.
Thousands of Solar PV & Battery Switchboards Manufactured
Our manufacturing team has extensive experience and has worked on thousands of projects across Australia.
Trusted by Industry
With extensive experience, comes reliability. We are trusted by many major organisations across Australia as a safe pair of hands for their switchboard manufacturing requirements.
Electrical Switchboards manufacturer MSB distribution boards Medium voltage, 11kv 22kv 33kv control panel

Here’s a brief overview of solar PV and battery switchboards:



A solar PV switchboard, also known as a solar distribution board, is responsible for managing the electricity generated by solar panels (photovoltaic modules) installed on a property’s roof or ground-mounted system.


It typically includes circuit breakers, switches, surge protection devices, and monitoring equipment. These components ensure the safe and efficient distribution of solar-generated electricity to the building’s electrical loads.


The switchboard allows you to disconnect the solar PV system from the grid and ensures that excess electricity generated is either sent back to the grid (in a grid- tied system) or stored in a battery (in a hybrid or off-grid system)

Electrical Switchboards manufacturer MSB distribution boards Medium voltage, 11kv 22kv 33kv control panel

What Our Clients Say

This company is excellent. We go to them first for Grid Protection Units. They offer great value especially when you add their top notch customer service. As usual, we needed something STAT this week and the team didn't leave us hanging, even finishing it up and testing on a Saturday to meet our timetable. Graham Dennis shout out.
Mark Horsfall (Simmark)

CTC has always provided great service on the many occasions we have worked with them on our solar projects. They are reliable, responsive, and overall an excellent company.
Daphne from The Greenguys Group

Big fan of these guys - always answer the phone. They helped me out when Endeavour Energy required a neutral voltage displacement protection function on the solar installation
Darren Stinson