Main Switchboards (MSBs)

Main Switchboards

A main switchboard is an electrical distribution panel or control center that is used to distribute electrical power within a building or facility. It is often the central point where electrical power is received from the utility company and then distributed to various circuits and electrical loads throughout the building.



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Why our Main Switchboards?

AS/NZS 61439 Compliant
Our main switchboards have been tested to be compliant with AS/NZS 61439. We have verified various designs at both PLUS ES in Lane Cove and TUV in Heidleberg.
Thousands of Switchboards Manufactured
Our manufacturing team has extensive experience and has worked on thousands of projects across Australia.
Trusted by Industry
With extensive experience, comes reliability. We are trusted by many major organisations across Australia as a safe pair of hands for their switchboard manufacturing requirements.
Electrical Switchbaords MSB distribution boards Medium voltage, 11kv 22kv 33kv control panel

Key features of a main switchboard typically include:


Main Switch or Circuit Breaker

This is the primary disconnect switch or circuit breaker that allows the entire electrical supply to be shut off in case of emergencies or maintenance.


Busbars are thick bars or conductors that carry the electrical current from the main switch to various circuit breakers or distribution points.

Circuit Breakers

These are devices that protect individual circuits from overloads or faults. They can be controlled manually or automatically and are used to isolate specific areas of the electrical system.

Distribution Panels

The main switchboard may feed power into smaller distribution panels or sub-switchboards, which in turn distribute power to different parts of the building.

Meters and Monitoring Equipment

Some main switchboards include meters and monitoring equipment to measure electrical consumption and monitor the health of the electrical system.

Safety Features

Main switchboards are designed with safety features such as lockout/tagout mechanisms and clear labelling to ensure safe operation and maintenance.

Emergency Shutdowns

In industrial or commercial settings, main switchboards may have emergency shutdown switches or buttons for rapid power cutoff in emergency situations.

Main switchboards are commonly found in large buildings, industrial facilities, and commercial establishments where there is a substantial electrical load. They play a critical role in controlling and distributing electrical power while ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants and the electrical system itself.

Electrical Switchbaords MSB distribution boards Medium voltage, 11kv 22kv 33kv control panel

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