75kW Australian Croatian Association

75kW Australian Croatian Association

Client: Powerwell

Scope: Site Inspection, AC Schematics, Protection Schematics, Injection Testing, Grid Protection Switchboard

Timeframe: Feb 2020 to May 2020

Project Goals: To provide engineering services and grid protection switchboard for a 75kW solar project.

Project Challenges: To deliver a project during Covid-19

Project Results: Clean Tech Controls provided the grid protection switchboard and the site is connected with solar in July 2020.

Testimonial: “Clean Tech Control’s knowledge of the local distribution network was instrumental in obtaining connection approval for our 75kW project. Plus, the grid connection switchboard is very well put together, ticks all of Jemena’s requirements and was delivered to site very quickly. Highly recommend.”

Rob Filipovic, Director & Head of Business Development – Powerwell