1.044 MWp Sunshine Plaza, VIC

1.044 MWp Sunshine Plaza, VIC

Client: Energy Aware

Scope: Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Grid application
Construction drawings, As-built drawings
Supply Protection Equipment
Supply and Integration of Powercor SCADA equipment

Timeframe: Preliminary Phase: Sept 2015
Design Phase: March 2016 – September 2016
Construction Phase: July 2016 – March 2017
System Commissioning: April 2017

Project Goals: Design and support the installation of a 1.044 MW rooftop solar installation for the Sunshine Plaza Shopping Complex, Obtain Powercor approval

Project Challenges: Multiple NMI meters and aged infrastructure resulted in the installation being designed and installed with 6 independently protected solar main switch connections.
Close cooperation with Powercor was required to produce a SCADA system design that could function across each connection point. This design feature was essential in order to obtain connection approval for the project.

Project Results: CTP achieved design approval from Powercor as well as supplied the custom designed protection and SCADA system that was successfully commissioned in April 2017