Grid Protection Switchboards

Solar Network Protection Units

Solid & reliable – shipped over 1,000 switchboards nationwide.

Our grid protection board provides secondary protection and is installed between the solar inverter and the grid.

It is a turnkey grid protection solution and is manufactured and pre-programmed to meet the specific requirements of each of Australia’s DNSPs.

Since 2016, we have supplied over 1,000 protection switchboards for commercial solar projects in all states in Australia. We can design and build solutions in the kW and MW range.

We Are The Experts

Why Our Switchboards?

Easy to Install
Our switchboards are designed to be compact and easy to mount on a wall and install cabling.
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Quality Control
As our switchboards are designed and built in our factory in NSW we have complete control over the product and its quality. A 5-year warranty is available with a maintenance plan.
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We build the switchboards to meet the utility's and client’s requirements and can accommodate special requirements such as fault level, colour, IP ratings, enclosure material.
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Protection Boards for 30kW+ Solar

The DNSP normally requires secondary protection for installations over 30kW. Our secondary protection boards meet the requirements / standards of the DSNPs when connecting to the grid.

Our control and protection boards offer the following features:

  • Plug and Play Easy Installation
  • Mains Disconnect / Anti-Islanding Protection Function
  • Suitable for up to any number of inverter inputs
  • Powder coated IP65 enclosure
  • AC3 rating of the contactor to ensure that heat rise is within permissible limits
  • Approved in all states

Common Additional Features Include:


What Our Clients Say

This company is excellent. We go to them first for Grid Protection Units. They offer great value especially when you add their top notch customer service. As usual, we needed something STAT this week and the team didn't leave us hanging, even finishing it up and testing on a Saturday to meet our timetable. Graham Dennis shout out.
Mark Horsfall (Simmark)

BCJ has always provided great service on the many occasions we have worked with them on our solar projects. They are reliable, responsive, and overall an excellent company.
Daphne from
The Greenguys Group

Big fan of these guys - always answer the phone. They helped me out when Endeavour Energy required a neutral voltage displacement protection function on the solar installation
Darren Stinson