Medium Voltage Solutions

Medium Voltage Solutions

Our medium voltage and RMU offerings are typicaly 11kV, 22kV or 33kV and can be used to extend and existing network or connect embedded generation or microgrid to the grid.

Medium voltage (MV) refers to the range of voltages typically considered to be between 1,000 volts and 69,000 volts (69 kV) in the context of electrical power distribution.

Medium Voltage Solutions

Integrator of Medium Voltage and Protection Equipment

Lead Times
Relatively short lead times as we have many components in stock and drawings templates to work from.
One Stop for Integration
Integrating switchgear into an outdoor rated enclosure, installing and programming the protection, metering and scada, then carrying out the factory acceptance testing in house
In-House FAT
We are able to carry out the HIPOT, ductor, primary injection testing, VT, CT checks, secondary protection relay testing and SCADA testing in house.

What are the advantages of a medium voltage system compared to low voltage?

    • Conductor Costs
    • Medium voltage installations can carry more power over the same cross sectional area meaning lower conductor costs. Medium voltage is well-suited for distributing electrical power within cities and industrial areas. Transformers are often used to step down medium voltage to low voltage for residential and commercial use.
    • Equipment Size
    • Equipment designed for medium voltage distribution, such as switchgear and circuit breakers, is more compact and manageable compared to equipment designed for high voltage.
    • Distance
    • Voltage drop as a proportion of the power is lower as the voltage increases. This allows longer distance cable runs with lower losses.
    • Effectiveness

      Medium voltage is an intermediate level between high voltage (typically used for long-distance power transmission) and low voltage (used for local distribution to consumers).


What Our Clients Say

This company is excellent. We go to them first for Grid Protection Units. They offer great value especially when you add their top notch customer service. As usual, we needed something STAT this week and the team didn't leave us hanging, even finishing it up and testing on a Saturday to meet our timetable. Graham Dennis shout out.
Mark Horsfall (Simmark)

BCJ has always provided great service on the many occasions we have worked with them on our solar projects. They are reliable, responsive, and overall an excellent company.
Daphne from
The Greenguys Group

Big fan of these guys - always answer the phone. They helped me out when Endeavour Energy required a neutral voltage displacement protection function on the solar installation
Darren Stinson